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Most of our courses are run as online courses although we do also run courses in person periodically or by request.
Please note that timings may be subject to change.
Please contact us for further information.

Full details of each course are shown above. Whilst there is no specific order in which you should attend each course a suggested programme is shown below:

It is best to attend this two day course before undertaking any Expert Witness work.

It would probably be prudent to attend this course before you accept instructions.

The optimum timing is as soon as convenient after attending the Foundation Course. Because this course covers the procedures which must be followed, it should be ‘sooner’ rather than ‘later’.

Attendance on the Foundation Course or suitable prior experience is necessary to gain maximum advantage from this course.

This is not a particularly time sensitive course in that it supplements knowledge of a general legal nature and so it can be taken at any time.

This course can be of value to you in everyday commercial life as well as for your Expert practice.

There is more than one ‘best’ time for this course. This course is designed for those starting their Expert careers although everybody benefits from honing their skills.

Into Court… should not normally be undertaken before the Foundation Course or without some other appropriate experience.

You will gain the greatest benefit by attending this course shortly after the Foundation Course and/or as a refresher/confidence builder just before a court or arbitral appearance.

Expert Determination is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution involving the use of an independent Expert to investigate the referred matters and to give his Determination which is binding on the parties.

Although not strictly an ‘Expert Witness’ training course Expert Determination is included here as it is a valuable adjunct to the other courses.

This can be undertaken at any time but ideally before accepting an Expert Determination appointment!

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