Practical Law

Invaluable for all Expert Witnesses

An Expert Witness can sometimes feel like a ‘fish out of water’ when entering the legal arena. This course will give you a working knowledge of the structure of the legal system in which you will be working as well as outlining some of the differences between the basis of law both within the UK and in other jurisdictions.

An Introduction to ‘Lawyer Speak’

Law is for Lawyers! Experts, Mediators and others need to avoid the temptation to (think) they are ‘knowledgeble in the law’.

If the Expert does not understand the basics, for example ‘what is a contract’ or ‘what is negligence’, it is difficult for them to perform to the high standards required. Mediators and ADR neutrals have another problem. How can they help a party to evaluate his own position in relation to alternatives if the mediator does not understand the legal environment. This course is designed to give you what you need – and no more!

Key Learning Points

  • Basis of Common Law
  • Sources of Law
  • Civil/Criminal Law
  • Tort & Contract
  • Types of Court
  • Costs
  • What is Evidence
  • Arbitration

Key Outcomes

Delegates attending this course will:

  • be familiar with legal processes and the language of lawyers
  • be able to distinguish between a claim in contract or in tort
  • understand different types of Tort
  • know what remedies are available
  • understand the principles of costs
  • understand their legal liability and how to minimise it

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