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Grays Inn Hall LanternTAE was founded in 1987 with the objective of providing, for the first time, a professional body for expert witnesses to establish and promote high objective standards. It is based in Gray’s Inn, London.

Although there is representation on the Academy’s Council from the legal profession the majority of the officers, including the Chairman, are practising Experts – The Academy of Experts is run by Experts for Experts and those using them.

Practising members are drawn from a wide range of professional and practical experience. They are vetted for their expertise in both their primary disciplines and their experience of litigation procedures. Non practising members include solicitors and barristers with particular interest in the law and practice of expert evidence. The Academy was established in 1987 to promote the better use of experts and to ensure that a standard of excellence is maintained and developed.

The Academy is both a professional society and a qualifying body which provides, for the first time, a single source of qualified independent experts experienced in a wide range of professional, commercial and industrial disciplines from around the world.

The Academy works strongly to liaise with other institutions throughout the UK and internationally. In particular it was instrumental in the foundation of EuroExpert, the European Union Organisation for Expert Associations which was formed in 1998. The Academy of Experts now represents the UK and has held the presidency of EuroExpert.

Training and Development

The Academy offers a comprehensive range of training programmes to enable members to develop their expert skills, and undertake Continuous Professional Development activity. Courses range from basic Role and Responsibilities through to the requirements of Procedure Rules and the practice of Giving Evidence.

The Academy is also a training and accreditation body for ADR Neutrals, including Mediators, Conciliators and Expert Determiners.


All applicants to The Academy who wish to become Accredited Practising Expert Witnesses undergo a rigorous vetting procedure to ensure standards of excellence are maintained. This leads to the officially recognised full accreditation as a Practising Expert. Those achieving it are awarded the designatory letters MAE (click here for further information about grades).
Ethical and professional standards are governed by Codes of Practice and enforced by disciplinary procedures.

Working with the Judiciary

The Academy’s Judicial Committee is chaired by a former Supreme Court Judge, and consists of Lords Justice of Appeal and other Senior Judges from the United Kingdom and a Permanent Judge of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal. The committee was responsible for:
The Model Form of Expert’s Report (commended by Rt Hon Lord Woolf)
The Model Form of Expert Witness CV
Guidance Notes on The Meetings of Experts
Guidance Notes on Contingency Fees


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