Foundation Course

This course is an intensive introduction to both the theory and more practical aspects of being an Expert Witness.

The course is also suitable for the Expert that is about to undertake a large case this is the perfect opportunity to ‘brush up’ on little used techniques.

Why attend?

The course concentrates on the Expert’s Report and the Role & Responsibilities of the Expert with a brief introduction into the Procedure Rules (CPR & CrimPR) and preparation for going into court.

Key Learning Points

  • Your Role
  • Who and what is an Expert
  • The role and duties of the Expert
  • Instructions and their implications
  • Terms of Engagement
  • Fact Finding, early evaluation and pre-trial advice
  • Code of Practice for Experts
  • The Meeting of Experts – procedures and problems
  • The Expert Witness tomorrow

Your Report

As an Expert you will be judged on the quality of your report – not just the quality of your opinion. As well as technical accuracy you must take into account:

  • Compliance
  • Language
  • Professional Guidelines
  • Style

Topics covered include

  • What the Expert needs to know and do prior to writing the Report
  • What Counsel expects
  • What your Instructing Solicitor fears
  • The use of plain language
  • Evaluating Experts’ Reports
  • The Judicial Committee’s Model Form of Expert’s Report
  • Model Form of Expert’s Report
  • Model Expert Witness CV

Key Outcomes

Delegates attending this course will understand:

  • their relationship with the courts
  • conflicts with their duty to the client
  • what is required to perform as an Expert to a high standard
  • how to protect themselves
  • how to get paid

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