Procedure Rules

Procedure Rules are the bedrock of Expert Witness work and compliance is mandatory. The Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) are deceptively simple and can trap the unwary.

The 60th update to CPR, introduced in April 2013, was designed to aid the enforcement of the Rules – adding to The Overriding Objective the phrase “enforcing compliance with rules, practice directions and orders”. It has since been further developed.

The Jackson Reforms have imposed new requirements on Solicitors and Experts and we can see from the Mitchell and Durrant cases that the costs of failing to comply can be far reaching.

This is a practical course through the minefield.

Key Learning Points

  • Comparing CPR to CrPR – the similarities and the differences
  • Fast track dangers
  • Multi track problems
  • Applying to the court for directions
  • Fee Capping
  • Court Estimates
  • The Single Joint Expert
  • CPR Protocol for Experts

Key Outcomes

Delegates attending this course will understand:

  • The basis of CPR and how it affects Experts
  • How to comply with the Rules
  • The delicate balance between duty to the court and client
  • The differences between Parts (rules) and Practice Directions and how to interpret them
  • Joint Statements and how to cope with the problems they bring

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