An important part of The Academy’s work is to support the professional development of those practising as an expert witness or dispute resolver. We do this through a combination of:

  • Training
  • Technical education and events
  • Publications and guidance
  • Mentoring
  • Communities of practitioners in similar areas of expertise
  • Accreditation

The grades of membership and their requirements are described under Applying to Join. You will also there find the forms for accreditation for each grade of membership. The same forms apply both for initial application and for upgrade, with the exception of Fellow. Those aspiring to FAE must first join as a member and practice for two years before seeking upgrade.

Many members have started practising as an expert, before gaining QDR accreditation as an expert determiner or mediator.

The form to apply for upgrade from Associate to Full Member is here.

The form to apply for upgrade from Full Member to Fellow is here.

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