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Professional Details
Please provide details and dates of academic and professional qualifications; professional training; membership of professional bodies and membership of learned societies.

Court Appearances
Each court or tribunal appearance where Expert evidence was given should be listed. The approximate overall duration of the trial and the period during which the applicant was in the box should be stated for each appearance.
Note: Whilst preferable It is not a requirement for Full Membership to have given oral evidence.

The names of three persons, preferably Lawyers, for whom the applicant has undertaken Expert work should be given. If you do not have three Lawyers who are able to act as referees please provide a similar alternative giving the capacity in which you were instructed – or alternatively contact The Academy for further guidance.
Note: The application will not be proceeded with until references have been obtained.

All courses or CPD events involving Expert work should be stated. If courses are less than a full day they should be stated as ¼, ½, or ¾ day as applicable. The subject matter of the course should emphasise its relevance to Expert work. The organisation which provided the course should be given and when the course is organised by the employer of the applicant the letters IH (in-house) should be used.


  1. The application should be supported by a typical Expert report that the applicant has recently produced. This will be treated in strict confidence by all involved in the vetting process. The report should not be relevant to any active dispute. The report can be supplied in electronic format and may be destroyed upon completion of the vetting procedure. The name of the person for whom the report was prepared should be given as one of your referees. The report should, if appropriate, preferably be one that has been produced in evidence in an action.
  2. Your CV should stress the aspects of your work in addition to the Expert work. It should be confined to factual material.
    1. In addition to assessing the report, and consulting the references the Vetting Committee will require to be satisfied as to:
      The standing of the applicant within his trade or calling.
    2. The integrity of the applicant.
    3. The ability of the applicant to express his views concisely and clearly both orally and in writing.
    4. The understanding that the applicant has of his duties in relation to his client and to the court.
    5. Knowledge of legal procedures.

Any information which the applicant considers would be helpful to the Committee with regard to any of these matters may be submitted with the application and should be listed on the application form eg attendance at meetings of experts.

Assessment Procedure

  1. The time taken for the assessment is generally about 3 months. Your application will be acknowledged. Thereafter you will not be advised of its progress unless there are matters which require action. Telephone enquiries are likely to extend the period required as they usually  disrupt the sequence of the assessment.
  2. Failure to complete the application as required will delay the application.
  3. Applicants are advised to warn their referees that a request will be coming from the Academy, and ask them to deal with them promptly. Applications will not be assessed until the references have been received.

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