Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to having TAE membership. Primarily TAE membership gives the internationally recognised professional status and credibility of being an accredited Expert/Mediator. These are denoted by the post nominal letters:

  • Associate
  • AMAE (Associate)
  • MAE (Member)
  • FAE (Fellow)
  • QDR (Mediator or Expert Determiner)

Academy membership also gives a number of benefits to members which help them in  their day to day practice. See the following for details:

Expert technical guidance and advice will help you to comply with new regulations and rules and maintain best practice.

As a member you will have access to:

  • A Technical Helpline – available to all members providing help and advice on ethical and practical issues from dealing with instructions to getting paid
  • Help-sheets and FAQs
  • Best practice guidance.

Many members also benefit from the informal support of others, both within their specialism and without. Evening events are free for members to attend and provide a setting within which queries can be aired and advice sought from peers.

The Academy provides a range of technical and information through its publications. Member-only resources include:

  • A complimentary subscription to TEDR magazine
  • Regular newsletter – ‘update’ providing news and updates for members
  • Email updates keeping members abreast of latest developments and advice
  • Website – access to a special member only section of the website and restricted resources including recorded technical meetings and webinars.

The Academy’s training is recognised world-wide. As a member you are will have access to:

  • Discounted  rates for Continuing Professional Development training courses and seminars
  • Free evening technical meetings – normally held on the second Wednesday most months
  • Webinars, of particular value to members around the world who would have difficulty attending an evening meeting in person.
  • Library of past meetings

In addition to evening meetings, which normally have a social element for those attending in person, The Academy’s calendar includes a series of events of varying prestige and formality:

  • The Chairman’s Lunch, normally conducted in one of the London clubs or City Livery halls
  • The President’s Dinner, an evening event in a City Livery hall
  • Gray’s Inn Garden Party, a summer evening in the gardens of the Inn.

These provide an opportunity for partners and business contacts to be invited.

TAE has a number of ways to help members in their day to day work as an Expert or Mediator;

  • Membership of group Professional Indemnity insurance scheme
  • Model Terms of Engagement
  • Model Form of Expert’s Report
  • Networking opportunities
  • Referral Service

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