Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is available to companies active in providing expert witness services.

It extends the benefits of individual membership to all practising staff within the Corporate member’s employment at favourable rates.

Many find this an attractive route, particularly to support their staff’s personal and professional development.

There is a requirement that any juniors are supervised appropriately when undertaking expert work.

Individuals wishing to be registered with The Academy still need to satisfy the requirements of the relevant grade of membership to uphold consistent standards.

To apply for Corporate Membership on behalf of your company, please complete the on-line application form (preferred) or download, complete and return this form.

  1. Corporate members will be known as Corporate Providers of Expert Services.
  2. Corporate Providers of Expert Services are required to give an undertaking that all Expert work will be under the supervision of a Full Member or Fellow of The Academy of Experts.
  3. A Corporate member is expected to bring into membership of The Academy all of its appropriate individuals and is required to have a minimum of one Full Member or Fellow of TAE.

Corporate Members are entitled to:

  1. Use TAE’s logo with the added words ‘Corporate Provider of Expert Services’.
  2. Individual members of a Corporate member receive a Bronze entry on the Internet Register at no additional cost.
  3. Opportunities to sponsor prestige Academy events.
  4. A 10% discount for TAE services (where appropriate).
  5. A corporate discount of 10% on in-house training courses.
  6. The opportunity to nominate a member to ad hoc specialist working groups and to play an active part in the development of The Academy.
  1. Corporate Membership packages are for those firms who have or wish to have a number of members accredited as practising experts in addition to the membership of the firm.
  2. Each package includes the cost of corporate membership for the firm in addition to the cost of the individual’s memberships.
  3. To cater for different sized firms additional blocks of individual members can be purchased – 5 members per block.
  4. For full details and a bespoke quotation please contact The Academy.
  1. Once Corporate membership has been confirmed Individuals can apply for accreditation up to the maximum number of individuals allowed by their company’s membership.
  2. All individuals joining under the scheme must go through The Academy’s vetting procedure and will be individually accredited (as either a Full Member or Associate).
  3. The Vetting fee (see below) is payable on receipt of an individual’s application. The corporate package includes a discount of £50 per individual on the normal vetting fee:
    1. Full Member – £100
    2. Associate (AMAE) – £70
    3. Associate – £25
  4. VAT is applied to all Vetting Fees and will be charged at the prevailing rate.

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