Fees Survey 2022

The Academy of Experts regularly conducts a survey of Expert Witness Fees and working practices and is currently undertaking research based on the last year.

This survey focuses on Experts acting in Civil Cases. Unless specified otherwise responses to this survey should not include appointments for Family or Criminal Cases.


The last time we ran this survey many parts of the world were just entering into mass lockdowns. Whilst many industries were effectively shut-down for a period others thrived. We are interested to know how the pandemic affected your practice at the time and what the current outlook is.

Big or Small?

Whether you work as a sole-trader or as part of a large multi-national firm we are interested in hearing from you.

All responses are anonymised and treated as confidential.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey.

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Your Data

Responses to this survey are anonymous although at the end of the survey there is an option to insert an email address if you would like us to send you results of the survey after publication of our findings.

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