Retired Membership Application

An member who has retired and is no longer undertaking expert witness or dispute resolution appointments may apply to be transferred to Retired Status at a reduced rate of subscription.

A member who has been transferred to Retired Status will remain entitled to the Ordinary Privileges of Membership (to attend Academy events and to receive communications such as TEDR and updates on practice), save that:

  1. if the member wishes to signify their continued membership of The Academy (on their letterhead or otherwise) they must include the word “Retired” after their designatory letters; ie “MAE Retired” or “MAE Retd”
  2. they shall not be entitled to vote at general meetings; and
  3. they shall not be entitled to stand for election as an Officer or Council Member.

A retired member, may, if they are a qualifying member of the PI Scheme when retiring, seek “run-off” cover for a period of 3 years. The cover is conditional upon maintaining retired membership for a 3 year period and the level of cover will not be greater than the level of cover held on retirement.

To apply for Retired Membership please complete the declaration below:

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