Request to Appoint a Mediator

This form should be used to apply for the appointment of a Mediator by The Academy of Experts.

If you would prefer to make your own selection and contact a Mediator directly you can search for free in the TAE Register of Mediators.

For more information about ADR and Mediation see here.

It is possible to partially complete your form and continue later by clicking on ‘Save and Continue Later’. Doing so will provide you with a link that is valid for thirty days allowing you to return and compete the form at a later date.

  1. The Form permits application when either Mediation has been agreed between the parties, or when it has not.
  2. If a party is to be represented (ie by a lawyer or other person) at the Mediation and it is desired that the Academy should correspond with the representative then the name of the representative should be entered under “Contact”.
  3. If Mediation has not been agreed between the parties the Academy will endeavour to obtain the agreement of all the parties to a Mediation. However, the fee will be payable whether or not agreement is obtained.
  4. The Academy will select and appoint a Qualified Mediator if that is what the Applicant requires. The appointed Mediator will then contact the Applicant to make the necessary arrangements for the Mediation.
  5. Alternatively, should the parties wish to make the final selection, the Academy will send the names of at least two suitable Mediators to the Applicant. The Applicant should then agree upon a name with the other party, and then write to the chosen person inviting that person to accept the appointment as Mediator.
  6. The approximate value in dispute should be calculated by evaluating the remedies sought. The Mediator will be asked a similar question, and the Academy reserves the right to payment of the full fee if the value is understated on the Form.
  7. The Nature of the dispute should be a brief outline only of the matters in contention. Particular reference should be made to any:
    1. Legal matters in contention.
    2. Technical aspects affecting liability.
    3. Causes and types of damage suffered.
    4. Standard Conditions of Contract (if any).
    5. Other special knowledge it would be advantageous for the Mediator to possess.
  8. For ‘in-person’ mediations the preferred location of the Mediation Session should identify the town or region that is most convenient to both the parties. The Mediation can be held at the premises of one of the parties. This information is to enable the The Academy to select Mediators who live closest to the preferred location in order that the costs may be kept to a minimum.

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