To the Top: Why Every Expert Should Be a Visible Expert

September 2021

Event Details

Thursday 9th
1 hours
Lee Frederiksen
Start Time:
3:00 pm
End Time:
4:00 pm

What does it take to become a well-known expert in your field—someone other practitioners, event organizers, and the media seek out for leadership and insight? How did the superstars in your industry rise to prominence? And how does an ordinary expert follow in their footsteps?

To answer these questions, Hinge Research Institute interviewed and surveyed over 200 high-profile professional services experts and their clients. Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D. will walk participants through the latest data and explain how experts build their brands and attract more business to their firms. Participants will learn how these Visible Experts adapt to a changing marketplace, sharpen their expertise and expand their visibility. You will leave with practical tips and techniques you can use to raise your reputation and visibility to new heights.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How real-world experts have risen from obscurity to industry stardom
  • The many benefits of increasing the visibility of your expertise
  • Top techniques Visible Experts use to increase their visibility
  • Stories and examples from real experts

Lee FrederiksenLee Frederiksen

Lee Frederiksen is an award-winning marketer, Visible Expert®, and business strategist who helped pioneer the field of research-driven marketing. As the Managing Partner of Hinge, a marketing firm for the professional services industry, he draws on his Ph.D. in behavioural psychology and his CEO experience to help clients achieve high growth and profitability.

Lee’s research on marketing and business growth has made him a recognized industry name, along with the numerous books he authored on the same topics. He has been quoted in a number of mainstream publications, and he regularly speaks at major industry events around the country.

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