The Expert’s Report – Hong Kong

April 2024

Course Details

Thursday 18th
CPD hours:
Michael Cohen, John Cock
Limited Space Available
Start Time:
9:30 am
End Time:
5:00 pm
Hong Kong Football Club

Our online courses are designed to be used for Expert Witness training worldwide. Unless otherwise shown they are prepared primarily for use within a Common Law jurisdiction focussing on England & Wales.

As an Expert witness, your report is one of the most critical pieces of evidence you’ll present. It must reflect your independence and impartiality and may be your only evidence in court. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure your report meets the highest standards.

Our comprehensive course, The Expert’s Report, covers the theory and practice of the art and science of report writing, specifically aimed at Experts working in Hong Kong, Singapore, and other jurisdictions in Asia.

Our course is designed to help you evaluate and upgrade your report writing skills, whether you’re an experienced Expert looking to improve your reports or a less experienced Expert seeking to establish the right standard.

Our course covers everything you need to know to write a high-quality report, including compliance, language, professional guidelines, style, and the use of plain language. We’ll also cover what Counsel expects and what your instructing Solicitor fears, as well as how to evaluate other Experts’ reports.

What You’ll Learn in The Expert’s Report Course:

  • Compliance, language, professional guidelines, and style for high-quality report writing
  • How to use plain language and avoid jargon
  • What Counsel expects and what your instructing Solicitor fears
  • How to evaluate other Experts’ reports for improvements
  • The Judicial Committee’s Model Form of Expert Report – a ‘judge-friendly’ format accepted by courts in many jurisdictions

Join us today and ensure that your Expert report doesn’t let you down.

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