Role & Responsibilities of the Expert – Hong Kong – Aug ’20

August 2020

Course Details

Monday 24th - Tuesday 25th
CPD hours:
Michael Cohen, John Cock
Spaces Available
Start Time:
3:00 pm
End Time:
7:00 pm

Our online courses are designed to be used for Expert Witness training worldwide. Unless otherwise shown they are prepared primarily for use within a Common Law jurisdiction focussing on England & Wales.

As the role of the Expert becomes more sharply defined and is held under the spotlight with the continuing development of rules and requirements the need to know and keep ‘up to date’ grows ever stronger.

This is an initial grounding course for expert witnesses.

  • Who and what is an Expert
  • The role and duties of the Expert
  • Instructions and their implications
  • Terms of Engagement
  • Code of Practice for Experts
  • Fact Finding, early evaluation and pre-trial advice
  • The Expert Report and the Model format
  • The Meeting of Experts – procedures and problems

This course has been designed for those wishing to become Experts and is also a valuable ‘refresher’ for the experienced Expert.

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