Alternative Dispute Resolution

TAE is internationally recognised as a trainer and provider of Mediation Professionals.

What is ADR?

ADR is Alternative Dispute Resolution, which means that it is an alternative to court or arbitration. Mediation is the most common form of ADR, but there are many others, such as Expert Determination, which may perhaps suit your problem.

The Academy of Experts (TAE) plays a pivotal role in the promotion and advancement of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). TAE is more than just a training institution; it acts as a beacon for excellence and professionalism in the realm of dispute resolution. As the demands of modern businesses and individuals evolve, so does the nature of disputes. Recognizing the need for efficient and less confrontational methods of settling disputes, TAE is committed to developing best practices in ADR and equipping professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to mediate and resolve conflicts without resorting to lengthy and costly court procedures.

Over the years, TAE has built a reputation for not only producing adept mediators but also specialists in various forms of ADR. This versatility stems from the understanding that each dispute is unique and might require a bespoke approach. By providing training and certification in diverse ADR mechanisms like Expert Determination, TAE ensures that professionals can offer a tailored approach to dispute resolution. Furthermore, with its affiliation with renowned bodies such as the Civil Mediation Council and the Ministry of Justice’s Civil Mediation Directory, TAE underscores its commitment to uphold the highest standards in the ADR domain. The Academy’s relentless efforts in this sphere have gone a long way in making ADR a more widely accepted, credible, and effective way to resolve disputes in various sectors across the globe.

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