Mrs Phillippa Rowe

TAE Accreditations

  • Expert Witness
  • Mediator

Specialist Registers

  • BMF Mediation Scheme


  • Master of Arts MA (1977)
  • Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute FCII (1981)
  • Qualified Dispute Resolver (Mediator) QDR (1995)
  • ARIAS (UK) Panel Member (1999)

Expert Witness Snapshot

Career History

1991 Senior Partner, Phillippa Ross & Co, Reinsurance Consultancy & Reviews, a firm providing professional services to the non-marine insurance and reinsurance market.
1989-91 Sole practitioner, Phillippa Ross & Co
1974-89 R J Kiln & Others, LloydÚs, a leading non-marine syndicate in the LloydÚs market, working primarily in the fields of claims management, RITC estimation, wordings and treaty accounting.

Mrs Rowe has extensive experience of London market and world-wide reinsurance principles and practice, gathered over fourteen years as a leading market participant in the role of Claims Manager for the Kiln syndicate at LloydÚs, and 15 as an independent reinsurance consultant.

Current professional activities include provision of expert opinions, technical consultancy, audit and inspection services on reinsurance, binding authority and insurance matters to members of the LloydÚs and London insurance market, predominantly but not exclusively in the areas of claims handling, reserving and IBNR calculation, commutations, contract wordings and technical accounting, reinsurance and insurance mediation and arbitration.

In addition, Mrs Rowe is available to assist as expert witness, arbitrator or mediator in reinsurance matters. She is an accredited expert witness on the Academy of Experts Register, and appears on the Chartered Insurance Institutes list of reinsurance experts. She has extensive experience of claims negotiation and settlement, litigation and arbitration and of litigation support and provides investigative analysis, opinions and consultancy to parties contemplating or engaged in reinsurance disputes.

While working at LloydÚs she handled, as representative of a leading syndicate, a large number of claims in litigation or arbitration, and facilitated compromise settlements and commutations. She has twice been deposed (in the US) as the defendant in USA insurance cases, has appeared as witness of fact in a London reinsurance arbitration, and acted as expert witness in several reinsurance arbitration and litigation matters, and in LloydÚs Names Action Group cases. She has conducted several commercial and insurance related mediation at the London County Court and privately.

Mrs Rowe appeared as an expert witness before Cresswell J. on behalf of the Merrett Names Action Group in 1995 and provided expert adviser services to several of LloydÚs names Action Groups. She also acted as assistant to the expert witness appointed by the Gooda Walker Action Group in Deeny & Others -v- Gooda Walker Ltd. She has also appeared as an expert at numerous reinsurance arbitration hearings.

Mrs Rowe is a member of the British Insurance Law Association and of the Society of Fellows of the Chartered Insurance Institute, and former Secretary (1991-1993) of its London and Overseas Region, a former Council member of the Academy of Experts, and former Vice-Chairman of the Academy responsible for its Faculty of ADR. She is a member of the Legal Panel of the CIIÚs Society of Fellows. She is registered with the Academy of Experts as a Qualified Mediator. She is a member of the Northern Association of Mediators.

Mrs Rowe has published several articles in, for example, ReActions, Global Reinsurance, ForeSight, Reinsurance, The Expert and the CII Society of FellowsÚ Journal. She has edited a text on Mediation (Resolving your Disputes by Mediation) published by the Academy of Experts, and has been commissioned by WitherbyÚs to write a book on claims reserving.

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