Dr Martin Sayer

TAE Accreditations

  • Expert Witness


  • BSAC 3rd Class Diver (1979)
  • BSAC 2nd Class Diver (1982)
  • BSAC Club Instructor (1983)
  • Bachelor of Science BSc (hons) in Zoology with Marine Zoology (1984)
  • PhD in Animal Phsiology (1987)
  • HSE Professional Diver (Part IV) (1990)
  • RYA Powerboat instructor (1994)
  • TDI Nitrox Diver (1996)

Expert Witness Snapshot

I am a commercial and recreational diver with over 40 years of diving experience. I am the Managing Director of Tritonia Scientific Ltd., which supplies scientific and commercial diving services in addition to running a NHS-registered therapeutic recompression facility. I sit on a number of UK and international diving industry committees.

Since 2006, I have prepared reports for Procurator Fiscals (fatal accident inquiries in Scotland), and appeared in court (Scotland, Australia: fatal accident inquiries; England: civil action cases) in relation to recreational and commercial diving accidents and fatalities. My main area of expertise is using downloaded information from diving computers to clarify underwater accident information.

I also provide input into cases involving boating accidents and have prepared reports on technical diving accidents that have involved mixed gas use at depths exceeding those usually encountered in recreational diving.

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