Mrs Elisabeth Briggs

TAE Accreditations

  • Expert Witness


  • University of Birmingham, Class 1 MNatSc (Chem) (2000)
  • Forensic Science - University of Strathclyde MSc (2001)

Expert Witness Snapshot

I have nearly 20 years\' experience as a Forensic Document Examiner, having worked with some of the most experienced experts in the UK.

I have examined over 1000 cases in civil and criminal matters, including cases where I have acted as a Single Joint Expert. I am experienced in providing expert evidence in court.

My expertise includes:

  • Examination of handwriting and signatures to determine authorship

  • Examination of documents for indented impressions of writing

  • Reconstruction of torn/shredded documents

  • Examination of documents for alterations

My office is equipped with standard equipment used in forensic document examination, including:

  • stereo microscope with digital camera attachment

  • Projectina Inspec 8s (for the examination of documents for security features and alterations using infrared, ultraviolet and other specialised light sources)

  • Projectina Docustat (ESDA, or electrostatic detection apparatus, for the examination of documents for the presence of indented impressions).

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