Whither or Wither; Is today’s expert an endangered species?

April 2022

Event Details

Wednesday 20th
Michael Cohen
Start Time:
5:30 pm
End Time:
6:30 pm

Our Speaker, Michael Cohen C.Arb FCIArb, is a Fellow of the CIArb and Chairman Emeritus of The Academy of Experts. He is heavily involved in the world of Dispute Resolution. Michael will focus on the question of whether today’s expert is an endangered species and the issue of who decides this and whether experts can influence it. As we are learning to ‘live with it’ and return to ‘normality’, much has already changed in the legal arena and continues to change. He will be discussing the Courts increasing interest and involvement in Dispute Resolution coupled with judicial unhappiness with Experts’ performances. Further, as AI is bringing about the biggest change since CPR, he will be discussing the question of whether arbitration will be the beneficiary. He will also include increasing costs and backlogs, increasing numbers of full time Experts, unconscious bias and advocacy and how they add further fuel to the fire of e-bundles and digitalisation.

The talk will suit both experts and experienced professionals and newcomers in Alternative Dispute Resolution, litigation or public inquiries. This insightful talk will also contribute to participants’ continuing professional development.

The meeting is free of charge but pre-registration is required.

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