May 2021

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Wednesday 26th
1 hours
Colin Passmore
Start Time:
10:00 am
End Time:
11:15 am
Open – WP – Confidential – Private – Privileged and more …

The Meeting will look at the arcane world of Privilege and its many twists and turns. What is it? Do the differences within it really matter? Why should Experts bother, surely this is a problem for the lawyers. Privilege often appears to baffle lawyers so its not surprising Experts can fall foul of it.

  • Is an Expert’s Report privileged?
  • What of the Instructions given to the Expert?
  • Joint Statements and the notes made
  • Draft witness statements the Expert has seen
  • Waiving Privilege – how an Expert can inadvertently do so
  • And many more including what was the dominant purpose
  • Does the jurisdiction matter?
  • Does the forum matter – litigation, arbitration, mediation

Colin Passmore

Colin Passmore

Colin Passmore is Chairman of The Academy’s Member Vetting Committee.

He became the senior partner of Simmons & Simmons in 2011, but continues to maintain his litigation practice. Over the last 32 years Colin has worked in England, Hong Kong and the Middle East from where he has developed a varied commercial litigation practice that encompasses both international and domestic disputes. His particular focus areas are finance litigation, extradition disputes and large professional indemnity claims.

Colin published the 4th edition of “Privilege” in 2019. This is one of the leading textbooks on the subject of legal professional privilege. Colin also authors Passmore on Privilege a blog, which reviews the more interesting cases arising under the law of legal professional privilege.

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