Commercial Mediation Training Course

As a skills development course the Academy's Mediation Training is an excellent way of enhancing your general knowledge and understanding of human interactions and negotiation at the same time as gaining an additional, practical and marketable skill.

The Academy's Mediation Training Course consists of two parts - the qualifying course (Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5), and assessment.

Next Course Dates
Module 122-23 MaySpace Available
Module 224 MaySpace Available
Module 36 JuneSpace Available
Module 4 7 JuneSpace Available
Module 58 JuneSpace Available

For those already qualified as a Commercial Mediator The Academy offers advanced training and CPD courses.

As a non-legal process there is no requirement to be a lawyer (although a basic understanding of the law is useful and is covered in the course) and the majority of Academy trained Mediators are Experts and other professionals which include lawyers. The course is not aimed at any one profession. Unlike many other training organisations, the Academy's Register is not dominated by lawyers but is completely multi-disciplinary with no one group dominating the list.

An interesting article by a former attendee of the course is available here.

Those who successfully complete the course and pass the assessment become eligible for entry to The Academy's Register of Qualified Dispute Resolvers  which is available to Solicitors and the Legal Profession and may be accessed here.

Once on the register those qualifying gain the qualification QDR (Qualified Dispute Resolver).

External Recognition

Civil Mediation Council

The Academy is a member of the Civil Mediation Council and sits on the Board.

TAE is also an accredited CMC Mediation provider - this course fully satisfies all of the CMC's requirements for Commercial Mediation training courses and is recognised by CMC as a qualifying course for CMC registration. 

National Mediation Providers Association

The Academy was heavily involved in the creation of the National Mediation Providers Association (NMPA) having been involved with its precursor the National Mediation Helpline Providers Association. TAE currently plays a major role in NMPA both as a Provider Member and in the running of the organisation.

CPD Accreditation

In addition to recognition by the CMC the TAE Commercial Mediation Course has been approved for CPD purposes by the Law Society of England & Wales and the Bar Council.

The Course

The basic course of six days comprises of 5 modules of either one or two days.

The modules are grouped into three sets - two of three days comprising the 'qualifying course' and the two day Assessment.

The courses are usually held at The Academy's of Experts in Gray's Inn, London.

Courses can and are held anywhere in the world where there is sufficient demand.

In-House Training

The course is available as a dedicated in-house course for groups of 6-12.  For in-house courses alternative venue arrangements can be made as appropriate. Click on the modules below for a synopsis of each part of the course.

Qualification Requirements

All mediators will be required to pass an assessment before they are considered for the Register. For full details [click here].