Membership Grades for Experts

Academy practising individual members must go through a rigorous vetting procedure meaning that The Academy's members are accredited rather than merely checked.

The criteria for individual members can be found here.

Individual membership is subdivided into three Grades according to knowledge and experience. All Practising Members will be qualified in their own profession or calling.

Full Members

  1. Full Membership status will be given to those with:
    1. Adequate relevant qualifications. This means qualifications for the areas of intended expertise to be offered;
    2. Adequate practical experience; and
    3. Solid experience of acting as an Expert but not necessarily having had experience of appearing in the witness box.

Awarded the post nominal letters MAE 


  1. Associate membership will be conferred upon those who meet the following, less onerous criteria:
    1. Having already obtained adequate relevant practical qualifications they either
      1. do not yet have sufficient relevant practical experience, or
      2. do not yet have sufficient experience of acting as an Expert to qualify for full membership status.

This grade is appropriate for those experts who have been working in a team but may not have been directly instructed as the lead expert.

May use the post nominal letters AMAE.

Associate Members

Associate Members are interested in giving advice or evidence and are training to be an Expert or have not yet gained enough experience to progress to the level of Full Member.


Fellowship will be conferred on those who are able to demonstrate an appropriate high standard of professional competence in their profession or calling. Candidates for Fellowship will have wide knowledge and experience as an Expert, Advisor or witness and knowledge of legal procedures and the laws of evidence.

Fellows will have been Full Members of The Academy for at least two years.

May use the post nominal letters FAE.