Membership Criteria

Professional Details

You will need to provide details and dates of advancement of professional qualification or completion of professional training.


As part of the vetting process Candidates are required to supply the names of referees who are able to support their application.
We ask for the names of three people, preferably Lawyers, for whom you have undertaken Expert work. If you do not have three Lawyers who are able to act as referees you should either provide a similar alternative giving the capacity in which you were instructed or contact The Academy for advice.

A Report

Applicants for Full Membership are required to submit a copy of an Expert Witness report. This may be anonymised and must not be from a live case.
Enclosures to accompany your Application.

Your CV should stress the aspects of your professional work in addition to the Expert work. It should be confined to factual material.

You should give full details of all Expert work undertaken in the last three years. The majority of Expert evidence is written but if you have given oral evidence please supply details.

  • Application form completed and signed
  • A copy of your CV or resum√©
  • A professional qualification (if such exists) appropriate to your vocation and proof of the professional body you belongs to (if appropriate)
  • Three satisfactory references ¬†- preferably from solicitors and/or barristers who have instructed you.
  • Training in expert witness work is preferable but not essential.

The Academy also offers membership in other categories:

  • Associate Membership (for those who wish to become expert witnesses but are not sufficiently experienced to qualify for individual membership)
  • Non-Practicing Membership (for users of Experts solicitors and barristers)
  • Corporate Membership (for commercial organisations)