Membership Subscription Rates

Subscription Rates for the year 1st March 2020 - 28th February 2021

The TAE Subscription year runs from 1st March to the end of February each year. Renewal requests are generally sent to members by email at the end of January for payment on 1st March.

In addition to the rates shown below a discount is available to members who elect to pay their renewal by Direct Debit.





Individuals (Expert & Mediator)      
Practising Associate 263.50 26.35 289.85
Practising Member 295.00 29.50 324.50
Practising Fellow 450.00 45.00 495.00
Dispute Resolver 295.00 29.50 324.50
Retired 100.00 10.00 110.00





Affiliate 136.25 13.63 149.88
Commercial Individual 295.00 29.50 324.50
Lawyer Individual 295.00 29.50 324.50


  1. All of the above prices are shown in pounds sterling.

  2. VAT show is calculated at the prevailing rate in the UK (currently 20%)

  3. VAT on membership subscriptions is applied at the prevailing rate to 50% of the subscription and at 0% to the remaining portion.

  4. Members outside the United Kingdom are not subject to VAT on Membership subscriptions