The Elements of ADR (Mediation Training - Module 1) - February '20

CPD Hours: 
Limited Spaces

09:30 - 17:00

The Academy of Experts

The first Module in TAE's Commercial Mediation Training Course.

This two day course is the foundation course for applicants for the Academy's Register of Qualified Mediators.

It provides a complete introduction to ADR in all its different guises and scrutinizes Mediation in depth.

Mediation is a flexible process but it has its own basic procedures. These procedures and the Mediator's techniques are examined and then applied by 'role play' to Case Studies which have been designed to highlight and develop the Mediator's skills.

All participants are given practice in acting as Mediator in mock-Mediations, each of which concludes with an analysis of the lessons learnt. An experienced Mediator will give advice on the further training and development needed for those wishing to gain admission to the Academy's Register of Qualified Mediators.

This module is part of the TAE Commercial Mediation training course  which is recognised by the Civil Mediation Council.

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