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President's Dinner 2018

We will be celebrating the President's Dinner on June 13th in Pewterers' Hall. This is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow members or entertain instructing solicitors.

Weather permitting, we will be starting with an outside reception in the Gardens at 7.30pm before moving to the stunning Livery Hall for dinner.

CPR Guidance - Evening Meeting

Michael Cohen, Chairman Emeritus will lead a discussion looking into new CPR Guidance for Experts and its ramifications.

This meeting will be an interactive session focussing on the recent changes affecting Experts and their practices.

Part refresher, part problem solving and part update there will be something for everyone in what will be a very valuable evening.

  • The changing regime for Experts – surviving and benefiting.
  • The new CJC Guidance and changes in CPR reviewed.

Evening Meeting - Abuse & Use of Experts

Jo Delahunty QC is a leading family practitioner. On 8th May she will be sharing her experiences of the uses and abuses of Experts in court. 

Although mainly focusing on the family arena this meeting will be of interest to all experts as there now appears to be an increasing cross-over both in practice and regulation with a sharing of successful ideas across the differing systems (Civil/Criminal/Family etc). 

Evening Meeting - Life or Death Listening

How can you achieve more by doing less?

Richard Mullender, a former hostage negotiator, will cut through the noise so that you leave this session knowing exactly how to understand and influence your audiences quickly. With modern technology changing how we interact, Richard will reignite your passion for fundamental communication skills. 

Experts in the USA

Last year Robert Cosgrove spoke to members about the differences and similarities between Mediation and ADR in the United States and the UK.

In March he returned to The Academy in Gray's Inn to focus once again on the differences 'across the pond'. This time, though, he will be focussed on the world of the Expert Witness in particular how it differs from the UK: 

Evening Meeting - A judge’s view of Experts

With the current Review of Civil and Family Justice in Northern Ireland about to enter its final stage and the increasing emphasis on training and accreditation for experts coming from the bench this is a unique opportunity to hear from the judge in charge of the Commercial Court in Northern Ireland.

The roles of Judge & Expert: Theory & Practice Lord Justice Hickinbottom

A view from the bench
Lord Justice Hickinbottom has been a long time supporter of The Academy and in February he speake to members about  the roles of the judge and the expert - particularly in the light of the recent Supreme Court/PC cases of Kennedy v Cordia and R v Myers.

His talk considered the circumstances in which experts in practice determine a case - whatever judges say about that being their role - and when they do not!

Lone Ranger or Hired Gun - Experts in Arbitration

The talk examined from a practical perspective what tribunals expect from experts, the ways in which experts can help tribunals better understand technical and quantum aspects of disputes and the advantages and disadvantages of the various ways of providing expert opinion and testimony.